Reduce Bounce Rate on WordPress with These Effective Tips

Many people running websites on WordPress or other platforms often find it hard to get web traffic. Though it is a crucial aspect of dealing online. But getting traffic and not being able to hold them is a more serious concern. Today’s article is all about this situation.

So, let’s first understand the term “Bounce Rate”.

Bounce Rate in Google’s terminology refers to single-page session. It is equivalent to total no. of users who are visiting your WordPress site but leaving without spending a certain amount of time. Or, they are not exploring your website and leaving immediately after going through a single page landing.

Two sole reasons found behind a Bounce rate are:

- Users don’t find what they were looking for.

- Your website was too difficult to use.

In general, a short span of time is either related to the poor quality of web practices or users’ personal choice. According to several studies, the highest bounce rate is often seen in blog sites or landing pages of other eCommerce sites.

As per BigCommerce, an average bounce rate for eCommerce stores is at approx. 45.68%. And, an average benchmark for bounce rate is anticipated to be around 20-40% for retail websites. You can see different industry’s benchmarks as per your needs.

How can you reduce Bounce Rate for your WordPress site?

In this article, I shall discuss some crucial areas of concern while addressing bounce rate on your WordPress setup. Let’s start below:-

1. Speeding up your website

Page load speed of any website is the most important criteria that leaves a positive impact on your end users. In the world of 4G and WiFi, users don’t like websites that take longer times to load on their devices.

An average acceptable page load speed is found in between 2 to 3 seconds. So, if your WordPress site is taking longer than this, you have a clear picture of where to start with for reducing bounce rates.

To check on your Page load times, you can choose readily available online tools like GTmetrix or Pingdom. Simply put your website URL in it and get a detailed analysis of its performance. There are also more tools to it that you can choose according to your business need.

Seeking the help of WordPress web development services provider will be a great option to fix the severe situation.

2. Make it Responsive

With a technological splurge, users are surfing through websites from multiple devices like mobile, tablets, etc. Therefore, you need to make sure that your WordPress site is responsive in nature that means it adjusts itself according to different screen sizes.

It can eventually contribute to reducing bounce rates.

With an increasing no. of mobile users, it is more vital now than ever before. Some common best practices to make your WordPress site responsive include choose responsive themes, be minimal in designs, using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), opting for responsive imagery, and more.

4. Providing Quality Content

Curating valuable content that can draw in users’ attention and engage them is a best practice to reduce bounce rate. It is a preferable mode of performing a profitable customer action.

Today’s consumers live in an abundance so they are more inundated by similar products or posts all around. If you are dealing in a blog site, make sure you are following a specific and consistent structure to write your blogs.

Similarly, if you are running an eCommerce store on WordPress, you should create informative & precise product descriptions, or you can also have a blog section that can relate to consumers with solutions provided by your products.

Whatever be your industry, always be informative, original, and sound in your content creation.

Tip- Adding related items or posts below a specific product or blog is a great move to draw customers’ interest in your website. They will be most likely to explore more on it.


In summary, I would like to state that bounce rate is actually harmful and can easily shatter your online presence, if not handled properly. All the tips mentioned in this article are jotted after thorough research of various studies available on internet.

Apart from these, if you have any kind of suggestion or query, you can contact me. I would be happy to assist you with the same.

ecommercewebdeveloper • 2019 Jun 24

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