Search Engine Marketing- Grow your PHP Application

Search engine marketing or optimization is a method to rank your website higher on different SERPs.

Well, why is this ranking important?

- Almost 75% of online purchase commence with search engine usage like Google.
- And, around 90% of such people prefer websites listed on first page of search results.

As we can see, today’s consumers rely on search engines hugely. And, prefer to choose the businesses over SERPs with a good ranking. This trend calls an urge for making your website search engine friendly so that you can get an appropriate amount of organic web traffic.

This post is intended to discuss some useful tips related to search engine marketing process that benefits your PHP application to grow.

Let’s plunge more into details below:-

Inclusion of XML sitemap

An XML (extensible markup language) sitemap comes in the form of a file that contains the lists of all the URLs of your website.

Why is it important for SEO?

A search engine usually ranks individual pages despite the whole website in SERPs. Here, XML sitemap works as a blueprint of your website that contains information about each page. So that search engine crawlers can rank them individually.

The inclusion of XML sitemap is especially important if you are using PHP applications for eCommerce activities or, you are not at all maintaining a well-structured website. Though PHP development companies always prefer to build a store with well-defined website architecture, in case, you are missing that part, you can choose XML sitemaps.

Great and unique content

Web content and search engine marketing go hand-in-hand. Without one, your all efforts are in a complete vain. For instance, users insert keywords in the search engines and if you have not included those keywords in your website content, how could you think of listing in those SERPs.

Also, curating content without knowing consumers’ perception will leave you without any fruitful traffic. Beyond that, unique and informative content is what will help you earn a good ranking and backlinks as well.

Proper use of HTML tags

In your PHP web pages, HTML tags are the hidden keywords that define the content formation and display on web browsers. Commencing with the heading tag, you need to include only one H1 tag with a warm and inviting content in it.

Simply copying the content of the title tag in your H1 is not appreciated. Try to develop more specific and engaging content for H1 as Google look for this content for web page crawling.

Other tags that are extremely important while content selection include Image alt tags, Canonical tag, Title tag, etc.

Fix the Page load times

Page load speed is an important factor when it comes to search engine marketing of your PHP application. Many studies have proved that if a website takes more than 3 seconds while loading, you are falling behind the conversions.

Major search engines like Google are perpetually stressing on improving UX, the faster your website loads, the higher rank it will get in the SERPs. There are some online tools available as well who are helpful while knowing your current page load times along with a list of areas where you can improve.

To name a few, Google Pingdom is a great tool available. As per several reviews of IT professionals and marketers, it holds all the monitoring and analytical skills to scrutinize a website from load speed.

Well, search engine marketing is a vast topic. In this article, I have tried to come up with the crucial areas that impact a websites’ organic traffic; essential for its growth. In case you are looking for a detailed overview of your PHP application performance, it is always recommended to hire professionals so that you will get the appropriate advice and technical assistance if required.

Lastly, if you wish to contribute your valuable knowledge on this topic, you can contact me anytime.

ecommercewebdeveloper • 2019 Aug 16

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