Why do you need to upgrade with PHP7.x?


In the current time, PHP is one of the most popular scripting languages. Almost 78% of active websites are using it as a server-side programming language. Apparently, PHP is being used in one or another form by every kind of retailer.

Still, it is a dilemma that not many developers, businesses or hosts are falling behind when it comes to upgrading with PHP7 versions.

As it is quite clear from the above figure on the usage of different PHP versions, a huge percentage of websites is still using PHP version 5. Some of the common reasons for this delay involves,

- Cost involved in the upgradation,

- Time-consuming,

- Lack of knowledge & expertise,

- Reluctant to step in,

- Or, they don’t wish to grow.

In contrast to this wave in the market, I will discuss some of the compelling reasons to convince you with PHP development services for up gradation to PHP 7.x asap. Let’s get started below:-

  • Website Performance

It is a well-known fact that updates of any kind of software bring many enhancements in terms of features and other performance issues in the previous ones.

When you choose to upgrade with the latest version of PHP7.x, you will definitely get a substantial performance gain. It enables a swift execution of requests as compared to the older versions (say PHP 5.6).

Adding to this, you will see an enhanced speed with every individual version upgraded. For e.g., PHP 7.3 will give you better speed as compared to PHP 7.2.

  • Stay Secure

Another fundamental benefit that you will receive is of security. In the digital world, security remains a highly concerned topic amongst all.

Running your website with the latest version of PHP will help you to stay secured against many vulnerabilities present in the older versions. If we see the vulnerability of older PHP versions, it can be seen that a huge percentage is contributed by DoS and Code Execution.

With PHP 7.x, you can ensure an updated version which is completely supported and patched on regular intervals for various security threats. In contrast, PHP 5.x has not been updated or patched from security aspects since 2016.

Thus, it is important to note that if you are still using the older versions, you are making your digital business as well as consumers vulnerable to security breaches.

  • Compatibility and Support

Developers always prefer to move forward with the technology instead of banging their heads on the old software versions. Moreover, using the old versions of PHP even after the launch of multiple new ones can also turn out to be expensive.

Additionally, many times we have seen that an outdated device may get abandoned by latest software as well. For instance, if we consider iOS platforms, the older iPhone is not at all compatible with it.

Same is the case with PHP software. Therefore, it is important to keep moving forward with adding new enhancements and security essentials with every version upgrade.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, I have delivered a compelling enough list of top features in this piece of writing that can convince you with an upgrade decision to PHP 7.x.

One should always keep in mind that if one wishes to combat the challenges of today’s digital industry, one needs to stay updated with the backend support software. After all, no one can win the battle with a rusted sword.

ecommercewebdeveloper • 2019 May 31

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